Everybody Matters Podcast: Lynne Twist and the Soul of Money

We’re caught in the rigidity of an old system that’s no longer appropriate. So I say the work is to, together, hospice the death of the old structures and systems that no longer serve us – they’re  unsustainable, which means they’re dying and they are falling apart – while we midwife the new structures and systems that are consistent with a sustainable, just, fulfilling, caring future we all want. And hospicing and midwifing are acts of witnessing and love. Things that are dying die faster when they’re on hospice and they die with respect. The structures and systems that no longer serve us, we need to respect them – they gave us everything we’ve got now, but they’re no longer appropriate – while we midwife new structures and systems that we see are now appropriate for the world we want.

This is a quote by my dear friend Lynne Twist, which is part of her talk on this week’s Everybody Matters podcast. It’s a powerful way of looking at the old, traditional business structures that we have committed to transform. Lynne believes, just as we at Barry-Wehmiller do, that business can be an amazing force for good in the world.

Lynne and I met a few years ago at a leadership conference and immediately connected. When I met her, I issued her a very firm challenge, which she talks about on this episode. You will also hear how Lynne is working to fulfill that charge, as well as other emotional stories about her journey.

When you hear Lynne talk you will be inspired. And when you’re finished listening, you’ll be left with one question: what stand are you going to take?


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Truly Human Leadership is found throughout Barry-Wehmiller Companies, where Bob Chapman is Chairman and CEO. A $3+ billion global capital equipment and engineering consulting firm, Barry-Wehmiller’s 12,000 team members are united around a common belief: we can use the power of business to build a better world. Chapman explores that idea in his Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family, available from Penguin Random House.

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  • David Bragg says:

    What a profound story of love, forgivenes, determination.
    What a great lesson for all of us to search deep within ourselves to see so much about ourselves. To look beyond the surface of our emotions and strive to see what we really mean in purpose of service to others.
    If we start today to organize our lives to better love one another, forgive one another, to lead by example, then I believe we will be humbled.
    Lynne said that “life gives you the circumstances you need to be the person you need to be”. If this then brings about humility in ones self, we can then lead with our heart. We can then lead with what we stand for and finally, as Lynne said, “we can bow to service”. What a thought. Not that we can lead, but we can bow to service.
    Bob, thank you so much for sharing this great story with us, the ‘family’.

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