The Millennial Question Has a Surprisingly Simple Answer

An interview featuring my good friend Simon Sinek recently “went viral.” By viral, I mean more than 4 million views.

He was, once again, answering the “Millennial Question.” There was so much discussion around what he said that he addressed the topic again in a Facebook Live session last week.

What is the “Millennial Question,” you might ask? Simon explains:

“Apparently millennials… are tough to manage. And they’re accused of being entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused, lazy – but entitled is the big one. And because they confound leadership so much, what’s happening is leadership is asking the millennials, ‘What do you want?’”

What do they think they want? According to what Simon can surmise, they want “to work in a place with purpose, they want to have an impact…and they want free food and bean bags.”

Simon does a great job breaking down the issues surrounding millennials and the challenges they face, but the damning thing is how leaders are responding—or not responding– to these challenges.

I’m often asked about this new generation in interviews, but it’s mostly focused on what advice I would give them as they’re beginning their careers. Oddly enough, I’m never asked what advice I would give to their leaders.

As Simon pointed out in his Facebook Live chat, the “Millennial Question” really isn’t about millennials at all; it has to do with good leadership… Read more on LinkedIn

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